Networking Addons

Networking Addons

/24 (256 IPs) IPv4 Subnet Lease

LEASE OF /24 (256 IPs) IPV4 SUBNET ONLY - NO HOSTING SERVICE INCLUDED. Please contact support via ticket to verify IP space is available before ordering.

IP Announcement (Per /24 IPv4 or /48 IPv6)

We can Announce your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. Must have service with us and please contact support before ordering this package. **There is a $10.00 one-time setup fee**

Additional IPv4 (For VPS Only)

Order Additional IPv4 For VPS Only!!!

1x/24 IPv4 Subnet
$200 per month

ASN RIPE Sponsorship

Become your own network with RIPE ASN Sponsorship. RIPE ASN Only

/24 IPv4 block - AFRINIC

/24 IPv4 block - AFRINIC Lease. Check to make sure in stock before ordering.

RIPE /48 IPv6 Lease Only

Leasing a RIPE /48 IPv6 address space only. Do not include any hosting services.

ARIN /24 Quarterly Lease

/24 ARIN Lease Yearly